NC15 Podcast

Setting the Standard

October 25, 2021

David Trainer is CEO of New Constructs. We talk with David about data science and machine learning, what technology skills finance and investment professionals need, and the future of investments and artificial intelligence!

New Constructs is an independent debt & equity research firm that specializes in leveraging cutting edge machine learning technology. The company was started in 2002 by David Trainer who is a Wall Street veteran and corporate finance expert. He has previously advised the Financial Accounting Standards Board on how to ensure accounting rules align with the best interests of investors as a member of the Investors Advisory Committee.  David has held numerous prominent roles with hedge funds, asset managers, and Wall Street firms. He has created many world-renowned financial and economic models. Prior to Wall Street, David worked with Arthur Andersen. In 1994, he earned his B.S. in International Business from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. David is also author of Modern Tools for Valuation.

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