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The Future is Bright with Leaders Like You

The Future is Bright with Leaders Like You

May 28, 2021

The Broyhill Fellows team from Appalachian State University talks to us about their CFA Institute Research Challenge journey.  The team comprised of seniors Samuel Crouse, Olivia Guillebeau, Sean James, Obi Ludwig, and Zachary Stowell entered the 15th season of CFA Institute’s Research Challenge and ended the competition as a top five team in the world.  We talk with the team and their advisor, Dr. Brandy Hadley, about how to build a world class investment team, how App State’s rigorous program prepares students for world class competitions, reflections from their experience, and much more!

In this podcast you meet recent graduates, Sam who is passionate about coding & finance, Olivia who is a social media star & future CFA candidate, and Sean who balances his love for sports and investments.  You will also meet Obi who served as a weapons tech in the Navy, Zach whose humor prowess matches his drive for investment research, and highly renowned professor, Dr. Hadley.  A truly riveting, high performance team!  For their complete bios, please look at {insert Research Challenge blog post URL you created above}.

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How to Become a Top Wall Street Analyst

How to Become a Top Wall Street Analyst

March 11, 2021

Episode #1 How to become a top Wall Street analyst?

Top ranked Wall Street analyst, Bryan C. Hunt, CFA talks about how you can position yourself to become a successful professional on Wall Street, the importance of the Research Challenge, pursuing the CFA designation, and much more!


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